VACUPOR® Vacuum Insulation Panels for facade elements

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Today modern facade constructions are widely dominated by sandwich elements. As surface layers high-quality materials such as aluminium and glass sheets can be used. In order to reach this high-quality standard for the core insulation material, high performance insulation is required.

Porextherm VACUPOR® Vacuum Insulation Panels offer extremely good thermal insulation with enormously flat design. Using our high-tech-insulation inside of the sandwich element, insulation can be done space saving and efficiently.

The enormous reduced total thickness of the facade components allows almost endless creative space for design. With VACUPOR®, so far unachievable aesthetic requirements can be realized.
Source: Schüco International KGAt the same time the installation of the high-effective-insulation front panel facilitates to reach the requirements of the current energy saving regulation.

No further changes at proven facade constructions are necessary.



Source: Boetker GmbH & Co KGFaçade elements with VACUPOR® vacuum panels inside are used, if the overall thickness of the element plays a crucial role.
Whenever technical superiority and high optical requirements are to be fulfilled, VACUPOR® VIPs substitute conventional insulating materials. In addition usually no special precautions in the production process of sandwich elements are to be considered.

The advantages at a glance

  • reduction of the total thickness of the façade panel
  • increased space gain
  • enormous increase of energy efficiency
  • large creative freedom for aesthetic requirements
  • no health and physiological risks
  • no creeping during long periods.

Source: Chr. Pohl GmbH, Werk Seesen





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