VACUPOR® Vacuum Insulation Panels for flat roof insulation

Building & Construction – Flat roof insulation

Source: Bitbau / AFlat roofs are found in the construction of industrial buildings and the refurbishment of old buildings in different types of construction. Structure height and the energy efficiency plays a crucial role for the choice of the insulation material.

Porextherm VACUPOR® high performance insulation allows an extremely good thermal insulation as well as small structure heights. The height difference of the construction caused by conventional insulating materials can be avoided by reduced insulation height of VACUPOR®.
This occures particularly during the refurbishment of old buildings when connecting to existing buildings. In the industrial building sector the additional space gain is a great advantage.

Requirements of the current energy saving regulation can be fulfilled easily with the high-performance flat roof insulation.


Porextherm VACUPOR® VIPs (Vacuum Insulation Panels) are applied into the planned roof system in place of conventional insulation materials. An exemplary structure could be as follows: VACUPOR® insulation is layed on the thoroughly cleaned underground on a levelling layer. As a sealing layer a bitumen screen follows. On a protective surface layer the final roofing can be applied.

The advantages at a glance:

  • reduction of the structure height
  • high space gain
  • enormous increased energy efficiency
  • no setting, creeping even during longer periods

Source: Bitbau / A

Source: Bitbau / A




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