DAA – outside insulation, roof or ceiling, under seal

Outside insulation of roof / ceiling with VACUPOR®

Effective and innovative heat insulation of the roof will become more significant in the future, not just due to current energy conservation provisions but also due to drastically increasing energy prices.
Whether in industrial or residential construction, for flat or steep roofs, VACUPOR® stands out as a superb high-performance insulation material. Especially when renovating, VACUPOR® will be a preferred choice among insulation materials because no conventional insulation material offers such good insulation characteristics with a drastic reduction of construction height.

When conventional materials are used, height differences can be a problem. They can be prevented by the low insulation thickness of VACUPOR®. This is a design advantage when implementing architectural specifications and ideas. These tasks especially arise while renovating old buildings and connecting to existing buildings.

In new buildings and industrial buildings, lower construction heights can be realized, which can lower the investment required.

In combination with classic materials, other elegant solutions become possible with VACUPOR® in subareas, e.g., with designs that don’t allow any leeway in construction height.

Flat roof insulation under sealing layer

All advantages at a glance

  • Extremely high insulating properties with drastic reduction of
    construction height
  • Installation is easier due to the reduced construction height
  • Barrier-free constructionLarge amount of space gained
  • No need to later adjust terrace doors or balustrades
  • Enormously increased energy efficiency
  • No shrinkage problems, even over longer periods
  • No health or physiological risks in processing

Flat roof insulation under sealing layer #2

Successful applications speak for the efficiency of VACUPOR®

You can find more extensive information and building recommendations for various roof / ceiling applications in the downloads that follow.

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Exemplary structures

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